Does VIETNAM permit divisional applications to be filed, and if so, what is the deadline for filing ?
Yes. One or more divisional applications can voluntarily be filed at any time during the prosecution, i.e. prior to grant of the parent application.
How long does it take to obtain a patent in Vietnam?
In general, due to filling backlog at Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam, it would take 3-4 years from the filing date to obtain a patent in Vietnam.
It is possible to make voluntary amendments to the application/claims during the prosecution?
Yes. Any voluntary amendments can be filed at any time during the prosecution, provided that the amendments do not go beyond the application as originally filed.
Does Vietnam accept second medical use claims?
Vietnam has tended to exclude second (or subsequent) medical use inventions from patent protection in order to reduce drug prices. The patent office has ...
What is patentable in Vietnam?
Patentable subject is any product or process excluding the following: Discoveries, scientific theories; mathematical methods ....
What is time frame for a national phase of a PCT application?
Under the Law on Intellectual Property and its regulations, patent applications, including national stage applications, will be formally examined, then published, and then substantively examined.
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