What are requirement for filing a PCT application in Vietnam?

07/14/2023 14:17

I/ Document:

i) An original Power of Attorney or a copy of a general power of attorney from the applicant. Please note that the deadline for submitting the document is 34 months from the earliest priority (or the international filing date if the international application claimed no priority).

ii) A Deed of Assignment, where the applicant entering the national phase is different from the applicant having filed the international application;

iii) A copy of the international application as filed, if the applicant makes an express request for entry into the national phase before the international publication date (required at entry);

iv) A Vietnamese version of the specification (including description, claims, an abstract, drawings and a sequence listing (if any)). Please noted that a Vietnamese specification must be filed at the time of filing the application. Moreover, if any of those parts has been amended, both as originally filed and as amended are required.


– Documents (i) and (ii) must be signed by the Applicant if the Applicant is a natural person, or by the officer entitled to represent the Applicant if the Applicant is a legal entity and affixed by the corporate seal of such an entity (if any). Notarization and/or legalization are not required, and the signing date must be before the filing date.

– Document (iii) is required at entry (if necessary)

– Document (iv) is required at entry.

II/ Information:

– Name, address and nationality of applicant and inventor if they have not been appreared on the cover page of the published international application or in any documents of the corresponding PCT application (Request for recordal of changes under PCT Rule 92bis, Notification of recordal of changes (form PCT/IB/306), etc.).



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