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Is diagnostics patentable in Vietnam?
Diagnostic kits are patentable in Vietnam but not the Diagnostic methods
Does VIETNAM accept claims for methods of treating a patient suffering from a disorder by drug X?
Method of treatment claims have never been acceptable in Vietnam. In the past, such claim was often converted into a substance claim. At present, such converted claim is not accepted.
A guide for Patent Divisional Application in Vietnam
The applicants for patent registration shall carry out the divisional applications according to the steps below: Step 1: Documentation requirements
Compounds, salts, polymorphs are patentable in Vietnam?
Compounds, salts and polymorphs are patentable in Vietnam.
Protection of Patents for drug production method and drug intermediary in Vietnam
Patents on the method of manufacture – patents not about a pharmaceutical drug itself, but about the method of producing drugs – are guaranteed intellectual property rights.
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