Protection of Patents for drug production method and drug intermediary in Vietnam

07/14/2023 12:04

Patents on the method of manufacture – patents not about a pharmaceutical drug itself, but about the method of producing drugs – are guaranteed intellectual property rights.

Vietnam recognizes patent protection for drug production methods, drug intermediary.

The National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam granted patent for DK Pharma’s non-bitter Berberin production process.

Berberin is considered the great pharmacy of Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry because many advantages such as being effective quickly in the treatment of intestinal diseases, do not affect the normal development of intestinal microflora and cheap price.

But for a long time, children who have an incomplete digestive system, often suffer from intestinal diseases and need to use Berberin products. It is difficult to use this product for them as Berberin has a very bitter taste, it leads to difficult drinking.

DK Pharma Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has been thinking about the idea of creating a non-bitter Berberin composition in liquid and solid form, making it easier drinking for people to burp bitter and children.

The natural properties of Berberin are already bitter so it’s very difficult to make Berberin pills easier to drink. Previous solutions were only temporarily remedied by “hiding the bitterness” with the sweetness of sugar.

It is very difficult for children to prepare liquid syrup because Berberin has too bitter taste.

After a long time of research, pharmacist Nguyen Truong Giang and his partner discovered that combining Berberin with Tanin extracts – (a compound found in many plants such as tea, cinnamon, taste) in a certain proportion will reduce the bitterness of Berberin without affecting the effectiveness of the drug.

This method can be applied to both solid and liquid Berberin. Just dissolve Tannine with Berberin extract (salt form) into water in a ratio of about 1:2 to 5:1, then add excipients (depending on the liquid form or tablets) according to the usual production process.

Randomized controlled trial results showed that liquid Berberin reduced bitterness by up to 94.5% and tablet Berberin by 99.2% compared to normal. At the same time in liquid form for a faster, more effective effect in the form of tablets.

Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property has granted a patent for the process of producing non-bitter Berberin products because of its creativity.

The non-bitter Berberin drug has been widely sold by DK Pharma throughout Vietnam and received very positive feedback from users.


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